B.P.C.H. – Better PC Health

B.P.C.H. or BetterPCHealth (Better PC Health)…

The original concept was multi part yet simple in design: Give people an inexpensive way to keep their computer clean and prevent problems. With that I had an idea that Better PC Health would also offer insurance on hardware because I have evidence that hardware not infected by viruses and malware, and not abused lasts much longer. However things became simpler as time went on and especially as I got out there and saw the real needs of people and businesses. The first thing I realized is that hardware is much considered a commodity in many businesses, “buy the cheapest” is the norm. The second thing I realized is that the real threat was much more costly and had to do with several things coming together.

  1. Malware and Viruses – Waste time (for employees and customers)
  2. Malware and Viruses – Waste Power
  3. Malware and Viruses – Steal Data
  4. Rouge Employees – Delete Data
  5. Rouge Employees – Steal Customer Data (contacts included)
  6. Regular People are Simply Frustrated (Drives the move to mobile)

As I learned about new threats I slowly started to change my direction until I have arrived here. Hektechnologies has now absorbed Better PC Health, and we are working toward a larger goal. Our new aim is to create a service so good that the bad guys of the world are a little confused when they look at maps of infection, “why is this whole area here completely clean” we want them to say.

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