I know you have not heard from me in a long time. I have not forgotten about you at all or anything like that, just been hard at work 🙂

Many of you know I took a job with Techsico. I really like being able to say in a way, “I’m the IT guy for IT guys.”

Techsico is great, and they do things like install CCTV, networking cables, cell towers, and a bunch more IT-like things. They have also kept me very busy over the last couple of years, and I have neglected a few things.

One of those, of course, being this site and my email list. BUT! I’m working on a new cool plan, and as part of that, I will be moving this site to a new server. Rather than migrate everyone over and hope you still want to read my emails, follow my updates, etc. I’m going to wipe my list. I will text some of you to double-check, but if I miss you or have an old number, you can resubscribe (which is not even a real word, lol). 

So to do this, I have made 2 options for you. If you only want business advice and technical how-to style content that I will be posting more of on Hektech, then you can use this form: https://sendfox.com/lp/1xnvq5

However, if you want to see everything I do across all sites, then you can use this form: https://sendfox.com/SpencerHeckathorn

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