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Before You Start is WordPress Right for You?

With 10+ years experience building and using WordPress sites, I can say I have seen a lot! I have done everything from run simple blogs to full news sites. I have built directories and e-commerce stores. I have even built a very large job website on WordPress.

Often people think of WordPress as a simple blogging platform never realizing there is a reason that 27% of the websites on the internet are WordPress. No other system can claim nearly as much market share. The uses for WordPress sites very beyond what you would even imagine possible (TODO: Add a list of examples). WordPress also scales very well with several if not thousands of sites that serve millions of daily visitors. I am a little bit of a fanboy because WordPress for me has created several opportunities. Often by making the development and launching of a site extremely easy and quick.

WordPress allows you to launch a site that lets you build community, launch a business, reach fans, or sell things without a developer and all within 1 afternoons time. I will develop this guide to give you a complete end to end resource that you can install and configure a WordPress site to your needs. This guide will be a “choose your ending” style allowing you to pick and choose the things you need as it is developed.

To start I will be outlining what this guide will contain and I will be filling out each section as I can. Thank you!

Registering Your Domain Name


Picking Hosting


Before Installing

Google Analytics
Facebook Pixel


Installing WordPress (Automated)


Installing WordPress (Manual)


Designing Your Site


Building Your First Page


Applying a Theme

Installing Divi or Extra (Divi Builder)

Configuring WordPress for “Any” Use


First Steps for the Perfect Website


– Make It Perfect For a Blog


– Make It Perfect For a News Site


– Make It Perfect For an Online Store


Installing Plugins


– The Base Plugins Everyone Needs

Google Analytics (Alternate Methods and the “risks”
Editor Options
Image Optimizers (Why I think you will love my pick)
WP Super Cache
Yoast SEO

– Plugins for a Blog


– Plugins for a Web Store


– Other Plugin Considerations


Adding Your First Post


Add Media To Your Site


Using Widgets


Customizing Menus


Using Comments


Adding Other Users








– Future Proofing

Customizing Beyond Plugins


Advanced Topics

Planning for and Writing the Best Piece You Can

Cache Setup (WP Super Cache)

WordPress REST API

REST API Example

… Don’t Worry I Have More To Add

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