About Us

Welcome to Hektechnologies!

Did you come here to find out more about Hektechnologies or the people behind it? The truth is simple Hektech’s path is one full of turns. That is because my path has a lot of turns. My name is Spencer Heckathorn; I love helping people, I love technology, and I love business. Writing is another passion that I have recently given.

So are you left scratching your head yet? I know… I know.

Basically, I have started several businesses over the years, and I have worked with some amazing people to do some really cool stuff. For the most part, I would get the work done then move on. More recently, I have been working to expose the work I have been doing to the light of day and improve my effectiveness. I will post below some of the things I am working on now and provide links so you can take a look for yourself! Let’s Build a Business – YouTube (LBaB)

Better PC Health – (part of the LBaB)

The Mannford Reporter – Website

More to come…