Just a simple 1, 2, 3(optional) on your part. 1. Pay 2. Download and install the software 3. Optionally watch as our tech completely cleans your computer.

Get your PC cleaned up by a real human being with expert knowledge that will have you back up and running better than before.

Completely removal of all viruses and malware leaving your computer in better running condition than ever before. This process is done where you can see the entire thing as it happens. Our expert IT person will work hard out of Tulsa, Oklahoma via remote connection.

We like to work in a setting where we are most comfortable but let you stay in the setting you are most comfortable. No need to uplug your computer or take it somewhere.

This process takes several hours to complete, but your computer will be accessible during the process if you let our tech know.

2 reviews for PC Clean Up Service

  1. Jerry M.

    My computer used to think all the time. Now it just does what I tell it to without thinking about it.

  2. SVR

    My computer has never run better. It is actually faster than when it was new!

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